Deanship of Graduate Studies

Dean's Message

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All praise is due to Allah, who taught man that which he knew not

 And Peace and Blessings may be upon the guide leader and bearer of glad tidings, whom Allah has sent with truth in order to lead humanity to the brightness of knowledge and certainty, our beloved Prophet Muhammad, and on his righteous family and companions.


Opinions are unanimous that the postgraduate studies are one of the most important parts of higher education in universities. One of the basic components of development in a country, as well, is the increasing numbers of holders of academic degrees that are higher than the first university degree, and in various scholarly majors. So, there is a basic correlation between the outputs of the postgraduate studies, i.e., qualified graduates in all different sciences and knowledge, in addition to the quality scholarly research, whether basic research or applied research, on the one hand, and the development rate, on the other hand.
 Therefore, the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies at the university takes on the tasks of supervision of the postgraduate studies programs, the coordination between them and other authorities, and the direction by approving, evaluating them, and the continual review of them. The deanship makes available a wide range of qualifications and specializations through 107 university programs at the levels of Higher Diploma, Master's, and Ph.D. The vision of the deanship is to be pioneering in its programs and outputs. As the fundamental mission of the university is serving the community through a cultural, scientific, research, and pioneering role of distinction, the deanship of the graduate studies forms a rich resource of scientific research at the university through theses and academic research, and helps in creating such a mature and integrated environment both inside and outside the university. The deanship places a great importance on innovations in science and technology and the requirements of modernization, renovation, innovation and development, and considers them among its basic standards when authorizing new programs in order to be up-to-date in its time and a useful and beneficial opportunity to its students. With this in mind, this page was prepared in order to shed light on the activities of the deanship, and to be a guide for selection as well.

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