Deanship of Graduate Studies

Vision and Mission

The University Vision:

  • A beacon of knowledge: Islamic values and time-honored academic traditions.
  • The integration of professionalism and excellence.
  • Increased leadership in development: Innovation, diversity and continuous academic research into community service activities

The University Mission:

     To enrich society through cultural prominence, scientific acumen and pioneering research.

The Deanship Vision:

    Graduate studies that are assured of having leading status for its all programs and outputs.

The Deanship Mission

        Contributing to the establishment of conductive working environment for all the programs of the graduate studies and the academic research that achieving effective interaction among the concerned parties and fulfilling the needs of the society.

Features of the  Second Strategic Plan of the Deanship of Graduate Studies

       To achieve the strategies that the university has drawn in its strategic plans, so as to be in consistence to a number of criteria and regulations that grantee the deanship integrity and Compatibility of its activities and projects, and the fulfilment of its aims in the long run .These are:

  • Functioning within the general strategic aims and trends of the kingdom.

  •  Adjusting its strategies to the university’s general strategies and trends.

  • Its strategies should respond and be in consistence with all variables: administrative, organizational, and technical within the university.

  • Its strategies must accomplish collaboration and cooperative fruitful work with those who have concerns with graduate studies inside and outside the university.

  •  Flexibility so as to adjust itself with present day changes and requirements.

  •  The adoption of the society’s needs for knowledge, skills and modern technical application.

  • To act as a basic approach for delimiting the deanship’s activities and trends.

  • Fruitful interaction among all dimensions of the educational process for students of graduate studies.

       The Deanship’s strategic plans is achieved through designing a number of operational plans which construe the executive framework of the university’s strategic plan for developing   graduate studies, within the general frame of the project and indicators of the performance of graduate studies development program, which is one of the programs of KAU’s second strategic plan, and which the Deanship of Graduate Studies has to achieve .This program is divided into four projects which are:

  •  To boost Graduate Students’ knowledge and skills.

  •  To enhance Graduate Studies staff members’ abilities.

  •  To maintain and develop programs of Graduate Studies.

  •  To provide appropriate training in research methods.

        Every project of these has a team work from within the Deanship of Graduate Studies and from concerned partners. The Deanship team monitors progress against our priorities, commitments, and objectives using relevant performance indicators, benchmarks, targets and facilitates the obstacles.

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