Deanship of Graduate Studies

Vice Dean for Programs and Development

Prof. abdulrahman al wahhabi

Telephone: 6400000,62869

Fax: 6951983

Organizational position

Vice Dean for programs and development

Vice Deanship's Units

First: The Programs Unit

1. Studying the special models for establishing new graduate studies programs, and the special models for developing the existing programs

2. Preparing and updating guides and forms in both Arabic and English

3. Studying  applications submitted by graduate students, such as the transfer from a program to another, the transfer from one major to another, and the transfer from  King Abdulaziz University to another university.

Second: The Research and Development Unit

1. The preparation of the special studies and the operational and developmental research pertaining to the graduate studies

2. The contribution to setting strategic and executive plans for the deanship of graduate studies

3. Working out various tasks that may result in developing the graduate students (males and females) and increasing their efficiency through the cooperation with the University Education Development Center, the Central Library, … etc.

4. The preparation of suggestions, settings, and objectives of meetings and workshops held within processes of developing the graduate studies.

Third: The Information and Statistics Unit

1. Collecting data and making statistics, that the deanship needs, and presenting them to the managerial units with them

2. Issuing and updating, each year, the guides of approved and registered theses for the graduate studies students

3. Issuing the statistical guide at the end of each academic year

4. Supervision of computer units of the deanship, and providing maintenance and enhancement for them and for the special networks of the deanship

Fourth: The Information Technology Unit

1. Enhancing the deanship's site and updating its data

2. Inputting the new abstracts of approved theses into the database in English

3. Contribution to solving the deanship's site and network-related problems

Contact us:

Mailing address for correspondence:

Deanship of Graduate Studies
King Abdulaziz University
P.O. Box 80217 Jeddah,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 21589
Telephone:  +9662 6951265

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