Deanship of Graduate Studies

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Follow-up


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Organizational position

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Follow-up

The Vice Deanship Units

First: The Academic Follow-up Unit

1. Performing all the students' needs pertaining to their studies such as the deferment of study, dropping courses, and appointing supervisors

2. Forming defense committees and granting additional chances to improving grades or exceeding regular study periods

3. Checking students status as to being under enrollment and/or addressing the faculty as such

4. Amending marks for students whose results are (IP) or (IC) in previous semesters and addressing Admissions and Registration as such

5. Responding to faculties inquiries as to student status (males and females)

6. Issuing status reports for continuing students

7. Addressing concerned authorities with regard to sending missions or facilitating students' tasks to getting helpful data for the completion of their theses

Second: The Information Technology Unit

1. Establishing educational sections

2. Amending cases

3. Inputting data into OLYA system

4. Adding/Omitting courses of a study plan

5. Photocopying all that which relates to the deanship

6. Printing out the statements of students' transcript

Third: The Records Unit

1. Receiving files from the Admissions Unit upon registering students

2. Inputting data of students employers and supplementary courses into OLYA system upon receipt of files

3. Recordkeeping of students original documents

4. Issuing the procedures of 'Responsibility Release' upon the approval of the Dean of the Graduate Studies

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Mailing address for correspondence:

Deanship of Graduate Studies
King Abdulaziz University
P.O. Box 80217 Jeddah 21589
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Deanship's main line: +9662 6951265

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