Deanship of Graduate Studies

General Conditions for Admission

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The following are generally required for admission to the Graduate Studies programs:

1. The applicant must be Saudi, Non-Saudi Must, be on official Scholarships for graduate studies. As for residents, the general grade must be Excellent and the graduation date must not be exceed five years

2.The  Applicant must have a university degree from a Saudi university or any other recognized university  
3. The Applicant must have  good conduct and he/she must be  medically fit
4.The Applicant must present two academic recommendations from professors who previously taught him/her
5. The approval of the applicant's employer if employed
6.The appliant must proved the Ph.D. level, The candidate must be a full time student The council of each university may add to these general conditions whatever it sees necessary
Admission to the Master’s level requires that the student has at least a grade of "Very Good" in his/her first degree. The Deanship of Graduate Studies may accept students with a grade "Good Plus G
rade" provided that the student's grade in the major courses at the bachelor’s level is at least "Very Good." The Deanship of the Graduate Studies may, upon a recommendation from the Department Council and the approval of the Faculty Council, add other conditions which seem necessary for admission
Admission to the Ph.D. degree requires having a grade of at least "Very Good" at the Master’s level. The Deanship of the Graduate Studies, upon a recommendation of the Department Council and the approval of the Faculty Council, may add other conditions which they deem necessary for admission.
It is possible to admit an applicant for a master’s or Ph.D. program in a major other than the student's major upon the recommendation of the concerned department and the faculty councils and the approval of the Deanship of Graduate Studies.
The concerned department may require for admission to the Master's and Ph.D. program, the passing of a number of supplementary courses from a previous stage within a period that does not exceed three academic semesters, provided that following conditions are met:
1. Passing the supplementary course from first time with a grade of at least "Good"
2. The accumulative grade point average in the supplementary courses must not be less than "Very Good"
3. Registering in the graduate studies is to be completed after passing the supplementary courses. The department may permit registration in the courses of the graduate studies if there remains only one or two supplementary courses
4. The time period for passing the supplementary courses is not included in the set period for obtaining the degree
5. The supplementary courses do not count in the accumulative grade
point average of the graduate courses.
6. A score of 400 is required in the TOEFL, or its equivalent, for the Master’s level; where as a score of 500 is required for the Ph.D.
programs for all specializations.
Computer Science Department at the Faculty of Science, requires a score of only 450 for the master’s; however for the department of European languages, a score of 500 is required for the Masters.
The Deanship of the Graduate Studies takes on admissions and registration of students in coordination with the Deanship of Admissions and Registration.

Students are not allowed to register in two graduate programs at the same time.



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