Deanship of Graduate Studies

The Vice Dean


The Vice Dean:

Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al Gamedi

Telephone : 6951817

Fax : 6951381

Organizational Position

The Vice Dean

Vice Deanship's Units

First: General Secretariat of Deanship Council

Carries out all the tasks that relate to the council through :

1. The preparation for the council meetings

2. Following up, along with the faculties, the issues to be presented to the council for discussion

3. Implementing the council's decisions upon approval by His Highness the Director of the University

4. Executing all works relating to the committee of admissions and registration for the graduate studies executive programs

Second: The Admissions Unit

1. Implementing the admissions conditions as per articles 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 according to the unified regulation of the graduate studies in the Saudi universities

2. Announcing the commencement of admissions for the intended semester through the deanship's site on the internet

3. Issuing the numbers of admissions nomination forms to be filled by students through the internet

4. Sending the applicants' files to the concerned faculties for studying and calculating majors rates and grades

5. Publishing results on the deanship's site on the internet upon approval and determining dates of handing over the documents' originals

Third: The Graduates Unit

1. Receiving of statements of academic degrees

2. Preliminary review of the study plan and systematic period

3. Printing of documents and marks transcripts and handing them over

Contact us:


Mailing address for correspondence:

Deanship of the Graduate Studies at King Abdulaziz University

P. O. B. 80217 Jeddah 21589 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Key for the City of Jeddah 02,

Key for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 00966

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