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Brief   Introduction

Within the framework of attention and care made for the university students of graduate studies, The Deanship of  Graduate Studies intended to establish a unit to provide consultative and research services for the students of graduate studies in the deanship. This unit aims to provide a range of academic and supportive services to the students such as the development of research skills and academic writing, skills in using the computer for scientific research purposes and the improvement of the linguistic and stylistic level in Arabic and English. These skills are developed  in order to upgrade the students' efficiency to complete their scientific papers in a perfect manner. The unit provides advisory services relating to all the skills required for such tasks, through the help of the faculty specialized teachers.

 Unit  Objectives

·         Upgrading the level of efficiency, accuracy and students' skill in preparing their research plans and scientific papers.

·         Communicating with students of graduate studies and working hard to overcome the difficulties that they may encounter.

·        Instructing the students of graduate studies and providing them with relevant publications that contribute in familiarizing them with the regulations, systems and procedures adopted in dealing with the students of graduate studies.

 Unit  Tasks

1-       Enriching the students of graduate studies with advisory services that help them achieve their research  until they finalize their scientific papers in an accurate way, through the support of the faculty specialized teachers.

2-     To help students in the field of statistical analysis using specialized statistical packages.

3-     To help students in linguistic correction regarding the scientific papers and translate all the research abstracts and scientific papers.

4-     Instructing the students about how to prepare their scientific papers based on the Guidance towards Writing the Theses.

5-     To communicate with these students and act to strengthen the link between them and the deanship.

6-     To receive the students proposals and submit them to the meant authorities for judgment and evaluation.

Provision of communication and  stationery services such as internet, fax and photocopy.

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