Research Project Supervision Rules

1.     The master student registers the research project course at the beginning of the third semester, if he has successfully passed 40% of the total coursework.

2.     The teaching load (for the professor of the course of the research project) is the number of credits for the course of the research project and no additional teaching load is calculated if the students’ research project course (or some of them) extends for more than one semester.

3.     Before starting to write the research project proposal, the student must submit a request to his supervisor to approve the title of the project on Form No. (1) that prepared for this purpose (Attachment 1). The supervisor signs it and then submits it to the head of the scientific department/supervisor of the department, and then The department head/department supervisor assigns a faculty member in the department to examine the proposed title, and express an opinion on it by approving the proposed title for the project or rejecting it with reasons, and it is on the same form No. (1).

4.     After research title approval, the student submits to the scientific department his research project proposal within two pages, reviewing the research topic, its importance, and the proposed plan for implementing the research project, while setting the necessary period for implementing the proposed research, if the research period does not exceed two semesters.

5.     Two students may participate in the research project and assign each student a specific part of the project, with the aim of motivating and training students to work as a research team.

6.     In each course of the research project, a number of (3-5) students are registered and supervised by the professor of the course, who is a faculty member in the same specialization, if the number of projects resulting from the division does not exceed (3) projects in one semester, and it is permissible to register a smaller number if there is not enough number of students participating in the projects.

7.     The professor's research project course is not counted for more than one semester, even if an IP or IC grade is assigned to them in their first semester.

8.     It should be taken into account that the size of the project should be within a maximum of (100) pages, and that the student should follow KAU Thesis Formatting Manual in producing the project.

9.     After completing the research project, the student submits his/her research project to his/her professor (supervisor).

10.     Using Form No. (2), the research project is approved for final evaluation, by the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research / the Vice Dean of the Faculty, the head / supervisor of the department, and the professor’s (supervisor’s) research project course.

11.     When the research is approved for final evaluation, the professor’s (supervisor’s) research project course evaluates the project using Form No. (3) prepared for this purpose, then submits the evaluation form with the research project to the head of the scientific department/supervisor of the department, and the department head/ The department supervisor assigns one of the department’s specialized faculty members to examine and evaluate the research project using Form No. (3).

12.     The student’s score in the research project is the total of the scores obtained by the student from both the professor’s (supervisor’s) research project course and the research project reviewer through Form No. (3)

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