Deanship of Graduate Studies

Deanship's council

The fifth article of the unified regulation of the postgraduate studies at the universities has stated that the deanship of the graduate studies should have a council that focuses on examining all related aspects of the graduate studies and taking the necessary decisions regarding them within its authorities according to the unified procedure. Several powers have been defined for the council, some of them are: suggesting the general policy of graduate studies or its amendment, suggesting internal regulations, suggesting bases of admissions to the graduate studies, recommending the approval of newly introduced programs, graduate courses and/or amending them, recommending titles of higher degrees, recommending the conveying of academic degrees, deciding on all students affairs, approving the formation of thesis supervision and defense committees, setting the basis of the periodic evaluation of the graduate studies programs, and looking into what the university council, its chairman, or the director of the university may refer for discussing and soliciting views. Since the establishment of the deanship in the year 1419 AH, the university council has issued three decisions concerning the appointment of the faculties' representatives, the members of the Graduate Studies Deanship Council, where they represent their faculties on the council for two years. The council, as per its tasks and responsibilities according to the statements of the regulation, has studied several issues, made decisions or recommendations to taking certain decisions, conveyed scholarly degrees, and others from among the issues that are referred to it. Over the past years, and since the first meeting of the council until now, it has become evident the extent of the positive contribution of the council -- as a helpful organizational form acting at the deanship of the graduate studies. The selection of the faculties' representatives on the council was, mostly, from among the vice-deans of the faculties for the postgraduate studies and academic research, which weighed as an important factor, mixing the expertise and experiences of the university faculties in one pot for the purpose of developing the performance of the graduate studies sector as a whole

The Fifth Term :-
1. Dr. Adnan salem al humedan:
Dean of Postgraduate Studies

2. Dr. Mohammed Saeed AlGamedi:
Deanship deputy and Council secretary

3. Dr. Ahmed Othman Mal:
Deanship deputy for programs and development

4. Dr. adeel al ahmadi
Deanship deputy for academic affairs and follow up

5. Dr. Hossam bin Abdel Muhssin Al-Unquri
Faculty of Economics and Management

6. Dr. Abdulrashed Abdulaziz Hafed
Faculty of Arts and Humanities

7. Dr. Abdulrahim bin Ahmed Alzhrani 
Faculty of Engineering

8. Dr. Khaled bin Ibrahim Al-Nouri
Faculty of Medicine

9. Dr. Roshdi Taj
Faculty of Earth Sciences

10. Dr. Ahmed Bin Othman AlAmodi
Faculty of Meteorology, Ecology and Agronomy of Arid Regions

11. Dr. Adnan Bin Jameil Slameh
Faculty of Oceanography

12. Dr. Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al-Ghamdi
Faculty of Environmental Designs

13. Prof. Dr. Tareq bin Lutfy Al-Khatib
Faculty of Dentistry

14. Prof. Dr. Hanan bint Ali Abdullah Batrafi
Deanship deputy for Graduate Studies for Female students

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