Deanship of Graduate Studies


:: English language requirement is a prerequisite for graduate studies university as follows: A - General Masters: the applicant is required of all master's programs receiving public Drjpvi 400 TOEFL or equivalent with the exception of the following disciplines:

Class or alternatives required
College of Arts and Humanities
European Languages
Arabic Language and Literature 400 in TOEFL or alternative to pass the session in English for Master Degree
Islamic Studies
Information Science
Communication Skills
College Accounting and Information Technology

Faculty of Economics and Management
Economics 400 in TOEFL or alternative session to pass in the English language

Public Administration

B - Doctoral programs public: required for all advanced doctoral programs receiving a score of 500 in TOEFL or its equivalent, with the exception of the following disciplines:

College degree or specialization required alternatives
Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Arabic Language and Literature 500 in TOEFL or pass the session in the alternative language Alingeleziplmrahlp Doctorate
Information Science

C - excluded from the English language requirement for general programs (Ph.D., MA) who obtained a qualification from a university in an English speaking country (America, Britain, ...) or a qualified health disciplines (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy ...) or a qualified
In English, that it will not wish to join the advanced program in English Language.

D - Special Programmes: In order for advanced special programs on the outcome of one English-language tests approved so that a requirement of English 10% of the percentage weighting of the trade-off (2.5 degrees per 100 degrees TOEFL and ten degrees to holders of 400 or above ... or equivalent from the other tests
), except:.
1 - Master of Geographic Information Systems.
2 - Professional Diploma in Geographic Information Systems.
Vistrt degree 450 in TOEFL or equivalent tests approved.
"We will not accept any English language courses"

:: Tests equivalent to the TOEFL test (TOEFL):

1. Test (STEP): provided by the National Center for measurement and evaluation ...
For more

2. Test (IELTS): and forward through the British Council ...
For more

3. Test (GEE): and forward through the English Language Institute at the University of King Abdulaziz ...
For more

For more information about the test (TOEFL) Click here


:: Grades equivalent to grades required in all alternative tests:

32 400 3.5 400 52
45 4 450 450 67
61 500 5 500 83
79 550 6.5 550 97
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