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Students Advisory Committee

 About the Committee

 Formation of the committee and its method of work

In light of the directions of His Highness, the President or Rector of the university, and his keenness to funding and stabilizing the concept of association and affiliation among all concerned parties that relate and correlate with the separable parts of the research and educational system, the Advisory Deans Committee has recommended the establishment of the advisory students committees in faculties and deanships.

 In this framework:

The Advisory Committee of the Graduate Students was established, constituting ten members, as there is one member representing each faculty that has graduate studies. The committee held its first meeting in the presence of the Dean of the Graduate Studies and the Director of the committee, the Deputy of the Graduate Studies for Programs and Development, on 9 Rabi' I, 1425 AH, corresponding to 28 April, 2004 G.

It has been agreed that an electronic mail address should be sent to every faculty advisory committee member so that the graduate students in each faculty can communicate with members. Meetings between the member and the graduate students in each department should also be arranged, at the level of the faculty under the supervision of the Faculty Deputy for Graduate Studies and Academic Research in order to make effective the tasks of the committee and to propagate the importance and feasibility of the association of the graduate students at the represented faculties on the advisory committee in fulfilling the directions of development and distinction of the graduate studies.

 Objectives of the Advisory Committee

 · Defining the problems and hindrances that face the graduate students, and discussing them according to priorities as to their effect on the study. Also, identifing the views and opinions of students as to the problem solving and suggestions to enhancing the research and educational process

  · Working to en hancethe relationships between students, professors and faculty members, personale in charge of the graduate studies, and the Deanship of the graduate studies through building bridges of common understanding for the purpose of quality and development.

   · The committee represents one of the additional means through which information and feedback flow on the students' trends and views about their study and the positive or negative effective factors. 

    · Suggesting all the means to support the graduate studies, and in particular supporting the research of graduate students and enhancing and supporting facilities and research sources at the university in order to benefit students.


  · Soliciting the students' views and opinions about issues that relate to them which the Deanship may have interest to study and define their trends and suggestion .  


  Contribution and Participation

 The graduate studies sector, with what it embraces of distinguished students, represents the most important part of education and academic research at the university, where the students represent the most important concerned parties at the graduate studies.

The graduate student is the central element towards which all efforts and activities are directed and where facilities and resources are employed for its benefit. In addition, the Deanship tries always to make available all the incentives for an effective performance in order for the student to take his complete opportunity to develop his knowledge, skills, and abilities so that their dimensions would integrate at the end of the student's course of study and the preparation of his thesis, thus, his graduation to serving his religion and nation.

Within the framework of our realization of the fact that true development stands on sharing of views and opinions, the advisory committee of the graduate students has been formed to be a means of dialogue and communication among the students at the department and faculty level, on the one hand, then at the university level, on the other hand, for the purpose of constructive participation towards overcoming the obstacles of effective performance and developing the graduate studies.

The graduate students are invited to participate in the committee's activities out of the spirit of contribution and through the feeling of the responsibility of sharing and the value of what they do and achieve in the service of their religion and nation.

 Members of the Committee

 Supervisor: Dr.Ahmed bin Othman Mal
 Telephone: 6951703
Secretary: Talal Al-Ghamidi
 Telephone: 6951269


Member Name



علوم الأرض

نور الدين بن مجتبى ضميري




أنس بن سراج عبدالرحمن دبلول




فيصل بن عبد الرحمن أسره



علوم البحار

فؤاد بن أمين سعد حسن



الآداب والعلوم الإنسانية

فهد بن مصطفى محمد سحاي




رامي بن عبدالغني المكي



الاقتصاد والإدارة

محمد بن جاسر الشهري



الحاسبات وتقنية المعلومات

وليد بن عبده علي زعقان



تصاميم البيئة

خالد بن محمود عايش دشاش



الأرصاد والبيئة وزراعة المناطق الجافة

احمد بن عماد هاشم سمان



Contact us

  Dear Br. Graduate Student:

   This is an invitation to interaction and participation. We welcome your views and suggestions for they represent a value and add a brick that would integrate with other contributions in order that we take part in the march of continuous development and enhancement of the graduate studies.

 The Deanship of the Graduate Studies

 The Deanship Deputy for Programs and Development

 Telephone: 6952000/64925

 Fax: 6952000/64925

 Electronic mail:

 The Site of the Deanship on the Internet































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